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Even Small Edits Matters - Changelog v3.2.7

Post Date: Friday, 17 September 2021

Reliability matters therefor we keep updating and adding new functions to Vsroplus Guard to ensure the satisfaction of our customer and fulfill our duty of providing a reliable, stable and secured service!

Check what we have got for you:

  • Added TriJob statistics chart into customer panel dashboard.

  • Added punishment pages where you can view all the recorded punishments.
  • Added login logs page where you can see who, when and how players login.
  • Added option to disable fake gateway counter completely.
  • Added option to modify GM Console hotkey in Client Patches page.
  • Disabled Free PvP UI from poping up after spawn inside forced PvP state areas.
  • Added Old-PvP Cape system!

  • Added option to disable PvP Swords effect in Client Patches page.
  • Fixed couple of bugs with chatting interface.
  • Adjusted some parameters in the networking library for a better realibility.
  • Applied a null check for crash-able function exists by default in the client.

Best Regards,
Vsroplus Team!


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