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A Living Dream Part 2 - Changelog v3.4.0

Post Date: Monday, 01 November 2021

Following up with our previous patch, here we are to provide you with the final changelog of this series as promised!

Final part changelog below:

  • Added new command to add silks live by JID.
  • Added check on fortress war return action to get preventing if holding skill buffs that are disabled inside the fw.
  • Added notification support for PM type messages.
  • Added notification support for Academy type messages.
  • Added new command to remove titles live from a character.
  • Added new command to remove titles live from all characters.
  • Added new command to instantly change items in character's inventory to another one for mode switchers or gender switchers.
  • Most of SQL commands are being re-written to a common table handle _InstantCommands, new procedures with proper names are being created as well.
  • Added description to most of the procedures about the parameters and usage example.
  • Added live patch button to most of the panel pages in order to update their settings live at runtime.
  • Updated the menu design and added several backgrounds that depends on the count of buttons you are using.
  • Updated all icons design for a better looking style.
  • Added option in Chat Advanced page to keep the chat item linking only for globals.
  • Added option in Chat Advanced page to specify chat item linking to certain globals only by ID.
  • Chest remaining inventory slots reading is now working properly.
  • Added new Claim All button to chest interface.
  • Pet Filter - Added prioritization for rare items.
  • Pet Filter - Added support until degree 14.
  • Pet Filter - Added new option in Pets page to set the maximum visible degree.
  • Reverse return scroll new types does now support blocked regions restriction.
  • Added a restriction in Regions page to disable bots to enter the specified areas.
  • Added new option in Jobbing page to disallow traders from creating parties.
  • Added max kills per character option for Fortress War - Kill Counter.
  • Added option to disable in-row kills for Fortress War - Kill Counter.
  • Added SMC (Game Master) logs page to the panel, can be found under Game Logs section.
  • Un-tradeable items will now show character-bound red text in their tooltip.


  • Fortress War - Kill Counter is now automatically reset on start.
  • Pet Filter now picks nearest item to it first.
  • Fixed party form removal issue.
  • Silk per Hour gives silks live now.
  • Client start-up and efficiency is a lot better now.
  • Fixed a crash bug on character selection that happens because of plus notifications.
  • Ranking queries should be re-loaded with every refresh now.
  • Ranking, if a query failed it will not affect the rest of the ranks anymore.
  • Hidden names are now handled server-side to avoid any client side hacks.
  • War of Leagues unique will be automatically removed when event ends with no winners.
  • Madness Solo unique will be automatically removed when event ends with no winners.
  • Pet disability functions are now handled by the game server. (Pets are automatically spawned once teleported out of the area)
  • Instances World ID is now loaded properly, please adjust your regions settings for CTF/BA using the appropriate World IDs.
  • Fixed a little bug with helper bots version check on login.
  • Dances toolbar position adjusting is now permanent and saved to settings folder.
  • Fixed globals log that contains linked item to send the log message with the item name instead of the ID.
  • Added log handlers for all ref tables loading therefore if any error occurred, you will see that in your Errors page.

Best Regards,
Vsroplus Team!


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