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A Quick Patch - Changelog v3.4.2

Post Date: Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Following to the Living Dream series, here is a patch that is totally based on your feedbacks quickly implemented within a week!

Read the changelog below:

  • Pet Filter - Stucked items will be reset every 30 seconds only if there is no more items to pick. (This is a default sro bug fixed only by the pet filter)
  • Fixed a bug with hidden title name.
  • Achievement title and Character icons will be shown to yourself only in hidden names area.
  • Improved flag pick anti-cheat system.
  • Interfaces font is now being loaded from Media so you can change your font anytime.
  • All interfaces texts are now loaded from textuisystem.txt to support different/multi languages client.
  • All interfaces does now support unicode strings to support different languages symbols and characters.
  • Added max level option to Media/vplus/type.txt to patch the client before loading for 110+ servers.
  • Titles page static color is now fully working. Please understand that if a title has a static color, it will never load dynamic colors.
  • Pet Filter- Fixed universal pills picking issue.
  • Added Character-Bound text to expendables and pets too.
  • Added option to prevent normal characters from murdering job characters.
  • Added option to prevent job characters from murdering normal characters.
  • Added option to show achievement tag name under job in Jobbing page.

  • Added option in Region Items page for combat restriction.
  • Added option in Items page to disable the item usage. (Can be used with Live Patch)
  • Added option in Items page to set required level for the item to use.
  • Added option in Regions page to disable PK in the specified areas.
  • Added EU only restriction for character creation for EU only servers.
  • Added new setting to Last Man Standing, preparation time; it prevents the characters from attacking each other for the given seconds.
  • Added option in Skill Mastery page to modify EU mastery max level.
  • Added option in Jobbing page to control thieves sell rate percentage.

Note: Required Media Patch files: textuisyste.txt, vplus/type.txt and vplus/vfont.ttf

Best Regards,
Vsroplus Team!


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