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Little Stuff - Changelog v3.7.2

Post Date: Monday, 11 April 2022

Below you can review each of our changelog:

  • Battle Arena Win/Lose/Draw/Kill procedures names has been changed to _OnBattleArena.... Old procedures remains, please move your data.
  • PvP Matching now has options to either notify everyone on start/end or just the participated players.
  • Top 5 custom counter has been fixed.
  • New command added to start events directly from database. _Command_StartEvent
  • Secondary passcode requesting many times when creating characters has been fixed.
  • Last Man Standing rare skip of sending players to town has been fixed.
  • Added bit variable for add silk commands to either notify the players or not. It will notify by default.
  • Schedules UI now supports Duration which will show the event as currently running during the given duration.
  • Added option to add a delay for using skills after using Socket stones to avoid abusing. 1 second by default, can be edited from Misc page.
  • If you want a specific notification to be disabled, you can just empty it's text.
  • Hide and Seek event bot now goes invisible automatically after the event ends.
  • Imrpoved Kill The GM event process.

Best Regards,
Vsroplus Team!


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