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Community Requests - Changelog v4.1.0

Post Date: Friday, 09 December 2022

As requested by our community, here is a quick patch!

  • Improved our client HWID security and protection against virtual machines.
  • Added option to prevent downgrading skills while it's under cooldown.
  • Improved unique/monster restrictions:
    • Players will not be able to deal damage to restricted monsters in any way.
    • Monsters will not attack players if they are restricted.
    • Removed AOE restrictions as no damage will be dealt to restricted monsters through AOE skills anymore.
  • Added Minimum Level restriction to uniques page.
  • Reworked Chat Item linking feature, it's smoother now.
  • Helper bots should not get stuck at reconnecting anymore.
  • You should be able to write URLs in globals and go to them once clicked on the message.

  • Social icons should not pop-up cmd anymore.
  • Added option to show Guild Name in Discord RPC.
  • Added option to disable/enable showing Area Name in Discord RPC.
  • Plus Notifications are now fully functional.
  • Added two new tables for Job IP/PC limit customizations.
  • PC, IP Address, Job PC and Job IP Address limits can now be applied to Regions.
  • Added different spawn points in War of Leagues event for Hunters/Traders and Thieves.
  • Unauthorized attempts of GM account login will be written to Error Logs.
  • Added option in Alchemy page to show confirmation box on any attempt to fuse +5 or more item without Immortals.
  • Added option in Alchemy page to prevent external tools from fusing +5 or more items without Immortals.

  • Added a new feature "Party Matching Spectate".

  • Skill Edit potion should now be functional with Items and Region Items restrictions.
  • Added new command to send Event Timers to players individually. _Char_EventTimer
  • Added option to disable Exchange under PvP mode for European or Chinese characters separately.
  • Added new table to whitelist items in selected regions.
  • Added new feature that will automatically create accounts on the login screen for Beta Phase.
  • Event Registers now contain limits for IP Address.
  • PC HWID limit can now be applied to PvP mode.
  • New column in _OnlinePlayers [ActivePvPType] that can tell the currently active PvP mode type.
  • Added option to adjust the default berserker duration from 60 seconds to whatever you want.
  • HWID/IP Address page will now show if any character is currently online.
  • Silk adding to characters should operate while the character is offline now.


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