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The beginning - Changelog v3.2.3

Post Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Dear early customers, we really appreciate those who have adopted Vsroplus in it's early stage. Together, we begin a new journey of success and achievements beyond the limits!

Below you can check the very first changelog of Vsroplus Guard:

  • Plus notifications will be shown in the same way as ISRO with the new notification color.

  • You can control party monster spawn rate from Parties page.
  • You can control required party members to spawn party monsters from Parties page.
  • Added Chat Item Linking feature, supports all chat types!

  • Item's tooltip width is now customizable and can be increased like ISRO from Client Patches page.

  • Added CH only settings in Basics page for CH only servers.
  • Added patch and settings for old under-bar style.
  • New page, Chat Colors where you can adjust the default colors of chat types.
  • Gold thousands comma "," separator is now working on all prices.

  • Silk add from Vsroplus panel now has untamperable logs.
  • Item add from Vsroplus panel now has untamerable logs.
  • Added more options to events countdown timer.
  • Added setting for 500b stall gold limit increacement.
  • Added option to automatically spawn GM characters in visible mode.
  • New page, Name Colors where you can adjust the default name colors like Normal, GM, Party, Murder etc...
  • Item comparison feature is now available with a brand new look to keep us better than others!