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Another Expedition - Changelog v3.2.4

Post Date: Friday, 03 September 2021

A secondary expedition to Vsroplus where we see more features and bug fixes applied instantly. Happy to see our customers supporting us to the end!

Below is the second changelog of Vsroplus where you see us acting immediately based on your feedbacks:

  • New procedure where you are able to control the players revive function.
  • New command that allows you to revive a dead character at any given coordinates.
  • New command that allows you to eliminate any monster entirely from the game.
  • Retrieved the instant PvP state update command and it's working flawlessly now.
  • Integrated suits systems that works dynamically with pvp state based on teams.
  • Monsters PvP teaming feature, you can set the monsters to play along teams and attack opponent team only.
  • Stall name color customization per character with live command to execute.
  • Applied extra securities to IP limit, proxies will not be able to bypass the IP limit any longer.
  • Added race restrictions per unique in Uniques page.
  • Added option to disable thunder sound from Client Patches page.
  • Customizable plus notice, you can set to be shown in the notification box with your own color.
  • Added option to disable gameserver dumps however note that dumps always means smth is wrong with the database.
  • Options to define max length for custom title and either to allow symbols or not.
  • New page, Monsters page with setting to trigger the monster kill so you build your own system on that.
  • Event Register UI can support longer descriptions now.
  • Added send notification by CharID command.
  • Moved Character Icons to be managed through panel instead of media.
  • Added timezone offset to panel so you can set the events schedule to run based on your country time zone.
  • Fixed a bug with plus notifications item link.
  • Fixed non-english characters in chat.
  • Fixed a bug with unique damage counter.
  • Adjusted chest and fortress war counter icons locations because it was overlapping with job AP icon.
  • Fixed a bug with CTF flag anti-cheat system.

Best regards,
Vsroplus team!


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