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Fully Customizable - Changelog v3.2.6

Post Date: Monday, 13 September 2021

It's all about bringing a fully customizable modules to our customers where there is no defined limits. Adjust our settings and features with a way that just fits your expectations!

Below is the full list of our latest edits and adjustments:

  • Customizable per monster icon.

  • Global punishments now supports Character ID.
  • Added punishment system for all chat types.
  • Chat punishments can be applied from character/account management pages now.
  • Added daily character matches entries limit for PvP Matching event.
  • Added daily PC matches entries limit for PvP Matching event.
  • New command where you can force PvP state over character once/after teleported.
  • Changing your license datacenter is now fully functional from license page.
  • Added the ability to customizer berserker duration for each hwan level!
  • Added option in Items page to bypass the max plus level defined in GM console.
  • Added option in Exchange page to increase gold limit to 4B.
  • Added settings in Items page for Equipments & Avatars Magic Opt. Count limit.
  • New settings in Reverse page where you can disable returning to specific areas instead of doing it manually.
  • Applied a bypass for the max item mall items count limit.
  • Added Flag Pick anti-cheat system to Battle Arena.
  • Old School Item tooltip can be enabled from Client Patches page.

  • Added option to enable renaming the client's name to include logged in character's name.

  • Added option to Enable/Disable item comparison.
  • Added option to Enable/Disable AFK Bubbles.
  • Added new option to apply fixes to skills animation canceling bugs.
  • Check on teleport if the destination area has skill buff restrictions to disallow teleporting when those buffs exists.
  • Check on reverse functions if the the destination area has skill buff restrictions to disallow teleporting when those buffs exists.
  • Check on item use if the linked skill is disabled in the current area to disallow the item usage.
  • Added option to Enable/Disable alchemy functions.
  • Added option to disable interacting with Event So-Ok Trophies quest.
  • Added extra option to Regions page where you can disable add friend.
  • Added option in Guild & Union page to disable earning guild points from monsters.
  • Added options in Guild & Union page to adjust required guild level for grant name functionality.
  • You can now set a default character icon for newly created characters in Character Icons page.
  • Fixed a bug with reverse return scroll new movement types.
  • PvP Matching event is now using the instant PvP state update functions.
  • Search & Destroy event start notice can writes the unique name dynamically.
  • Item Chat link now writes green set name.
  • Applied some fixes and improvements to our customer panel.
  • Fixed multiply messages when linking an item to chat box.
  • Fixed a bug with exchange interface.
  • Fixed a bug with instant title delivery.

Best Regards,
Vsroplus team!


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