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Refund Policy

  • 1. All payments to VSRO+. are nonrefundable. This includes the one time setup fee(if that is any) and subsequent charges regardless of usage.
  • 2. Money Back Guarantee: The 100% Money Back Guarantee up to 7 days, will apply only and except in the following cases:
    • a) In case we do not deliver the service/product according to the specifications agreed during the order process.
    • b) If there is an existing issue with our services, which we aren’t able to solve after exhausting every technical possibility. (You may allow us to verify any existing issue).
    • c) Assuming you did not buy the wrong service/product for your needs.
  • 3. It is also important to notice, that any refund request under the coverage of this policy, may take up 5 business days to complete, once escalated to our billing department.

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